Staci Ferrara

Location: Brooklyn, NY 

Position: Owner/Designer

Speciality: Page layout, printed promo, content 

Degree: Bachelor of Fine Arts, summa cum laude, Graphic Design

Likes: Tattoos, music, art, photography

Dislikes: Crowds, bugs, bullies

Fave Artists: Salvador Dali, Tim Burton, Valerie Hegarty

Aspiration: Understand math


Mike Casey

Location: San Diego, CA

Position: Designer

Speciality: Digital Art

Degree: MFA, SDSU

Likes: Sports, Harley Davidson, drawing, BBQs

Dislikes: Helmet laws, doing laundry, reality TV

Fave Artists: Hockney, Dr. Seuss, Roy Lichtenstein

Aspiration: Live Forever

Emilio Vittigliano

Location: Brick, NJ

Position: Designer

Speciality: Graphics, Illustration

Degree: Adobe Certified in Photoshop, BA in photography

Likes: Food, cameras, time travel, technology

Dislikes: Traffic, beer muscles, take-out, tuxedos

Fave Artists: Brian Duffy, Walker Evans, Helen Levitt
Aspiration: Save the World

Tammie Dee

Location: Somewhere in the Galaxy

Position: Designing Diva

Speciality: Branding

Degree: BFA, magna cum laude, University of Florida

Likes: Steampunk, flowers, shoes, sushi, craft fairs

Dislikes: Goodbyes, rap, snow, Mondays

Fave Artists: Everyone at 3rd L, Megan Massacre, Degas

Aspiration: Buy my parents a vacation house in the Cayman Islands

More artist profiles coming soon....

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